Sergey Panasyuk Resume

Mail: Marinesko str. 19A, r.12  Sevastopol Crimea Ukraine 99021
Phone: 380-692-431094

Project management or technical lead position in research, design, and development.

Group leader, project manager, scientist, and programmer with 30 years of experience in software and hardware systems design and development. Employers have included secret military organizations of the former Soviet Union. The founder and the head of software firm Panasoft. Led teams in development of patentable innovations in diverse areas, including image processing, PCB and IC CAD, automated systems of control and tests of electronic digital devices, measurement of electric values. The author about 40 scientific works and inventions.
The author and the main developer of the program the graphic editor Images Generator. The author of a mathematical method of designing of topology with using of the mathematical apparatus of the Theory of Optimal Control. This method is used in program Images Generator and can be used in other programs. It allow developing a format of files for the images having properties of raster images and having property of scalability
Software experience includes (and is not limited to) C/C++,  HTML,  Fortran, Visual Basic, NET, Assembler.


1996-Now. Panasoft Sevastopol Crimea Ukraine. 
Head of software firm Panasoft. Development of the program the graphic editor Images Generator. Development of Internet sites in the field of tourism, sports and business.

1993-1994 Navy military scientific research institute Sevastopol Ukraine.
Senior staff scientist. Automated systems of control ecological parameters in submarines.

1986-1993 Navy research laboratory 'TOR' Sevastopol Ukraine
Senior staff scientist. Measurement of electric values at designing of sensors.  I invented equipment for big resistance measuring up to 10^12 Om. I have 18 inventors certificates in electric values measuring. Development of PCB CAD. 

1977-1986.  Design bureau of an Instrument-making factory 'Parus' Sevastopol
Electrical Engineer, designer. Development of control and measuring engineering on the basis of the computers. Development and using CAD systems. I developed and implemented an automatic programming system for test and control of digital units. I invented method and device for .wiring accessories control. I created program in which routing algorithm for layout is used. The program is written in Fortran. It consists from approximately 10000 operators. Some mathematical problems are solved in this program.

1972-1977. Mathematical laboratory of scientific research, firm 'Avtomatgormash' Donetzk,.Ukraine.
Engineer, programmer. Mathematical modeling of processes on collieries with using analog and digital computers. 


1966-1971. Instrument-making college. Sevastopol. 
 Specialty the engineer - electrician

1980-1985.  Technical university, faculty Cybernetics and computer techniques. Sevastopol.
The post-graduate student  Has protected the dissertation on a theme "The control of technological processes at manufacturing of computer techniques" at 1985.

Main works

Panasjuk S. L. Algorithm of routing with determination of an optimum way by a method Dynamic Programming. // Electronic industry. 1981. Part 4,-P. 14-18. 
Panasjuk S. L. Algorithm of routing of connections in the channel. // Microelectronics. 1985. V.14 - № 6. P. 490-496. 
Panasjuk S. L. Automatic designing of topology of irregular structures. // Microelectronics. 1985. V.14 - № 6.- P. 497-500.
Goryachuk A.A., Panasjuk S. L. Tarasjuk S.F. The automated control systems of tests of electronic digital devices. Kiev: the Society "Knowledge" Ukraine -1982. -22p
Panasjuk S. L Automatic diagnostics of digital blocks. // Control systems and machines. 1983.-№ 1.-P. 30-33. 
Panasjuk S.L Method of control of isolation resistance of wiring. // Devices and control systems.-1986.-№ 5.-С. 54-55. 
Panasjuk. S.L The device for the control of temperature. Patent 1642267 USSR. МКИ G 01 K 7/00, 7/16 // Opening. Inventions. 1991. № 14
Panasjuk S.L. Big resistance meter. Patent 1566304 USSR. МКИ G 01 R 27/00, // Opening. Inventions. 1990. №15

Other works  

Load program Images Generator: 

Routing algorithm description:

Article Shape templates and multicolor lines: 

Firm Panasoft

The experimental program of topological routing, in which my algorithm is used 

Graphic component imagen.dll and source code of demo programs

Graphic NET components   

The electronic circuit in which my patented method is used