Perspective direction of computer graphic and CAD.


By Sergey Leontyevich Panasyuk, Panasoft.





In result of the long researches, which were carried out from times of Soviet Union, new methods of Graphics and CAD are developed. These methods are used in the graphic editor Images Generator 9.09.
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The following methods concern to these methods:

Methods of creating of volumetric images allowing creating such images, which it is difficult or even it is impossible to create other ways.
Method of transformation of rasters, which is named by author as shaped resizing, and methods of selection  of the image area. These methods can be used to processing photos. 
Creation of images and textures with using of multi-color lines and lines of variable width.
Algorithm of line tracing, which can be used in problems of Graph and network management, layout computation. Designing of interconnections of electronic devices as printed circuit boards and IC concerns to these problems. Address of description of this method is  

The program block, which determines novelty of the graphic editor Images Generator, is executed as the separate module - dynamic library imagen.dll. The given library is executed on VC6 and can be used in the programs written on VB6, C ++ and other languages. Dynamic library, and also source codes of demonstration programs on VB and C ++ it is possible to download to the address  

The library can be used except for graphic editors in such programs, as programs of creation 3D graphic, processing photos programs, CAD programs, office programs, and also in the small specialized programs. 
The library can be used for desktop applications, for mobile devices, and also for online uses and for various operational systems.

Large scale of this direction does not correspond to the sizes of the modest firm Panasoft having copyrights to these methods. Therefore there is an interest in collaboration with collectives and individual software developers. Work for scientific researchers is present too. 

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