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Panasoft is Ukraine based software development firm that uses results of long-term researches in the field of Graphics and CAD. The firm has developed some programs one of which is the graphic editor Images Generator. The new ideas, used in this program, have provided unique opportunities for creation of images. Building block principle let you to divide program on the parts and to use parts as independent components or utility. 
One more developed by firm Panasoft program is the experimental program of designing of interconnections. The methods, used in this program, can be used for system of designing printed-circuit-boards and IC, and also for graph representations.

Core of Panasoft consists of two persons. Head of firm Sergey Panasyuk began the career in military research laboratories of former Soviet Union. He is the author of the large quantities of inventions and scientific works.

The graphic editor, in which last achievements in the field of the software, computer engineering and graphics methods would be used, has the big commercial potential. Therefore we are interested in collaboration and we are seeking for investment and production capital.


Program graphic editor "Images Generator" 

In program "Images Generator"  method of creation 3D graphic based on use of a vector brush and trajectories is applied. This method is described in work

Method of designing of topology can be applied for graph and network management, layout computation, designing of printed-circuit-boards and integrated microcircuits, graphics and games.  This method is published in scientific magazines of former Soviet Union.
The description of a method is to the address 
Experimental program 

Graphic component imagen.dll and source code of demo programs 


NET Components

The head of the company and author of new methods is Sergey Leontyevich Panasyuk ( 
He has more than 40 scientific works and inventions