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Program "Image Area Selection and Edge Detection"

This program let you to select a part of the image on the basis of its color properties. Two basic ways of selection are used. The first way let you to select simply connected area, which colors are close to color of click point. Second way let you to select image from a background. Colors of border points of selected area belong to the given range.
For every way some modes of image area selection are used. The chosen color model determines these modes. 

Graphic component "Imageareaselection" make up the basis of the program. This component can be used in other programs. Such programs can relate to area of Vision Systems, Computer Graphics or CAD. 

As example in graphic editor Images Generator (http://www.imagesgenerator.com) methods of image area selection are widely used. In this program graphic filters and converters can be applied to selected area. The border of selection determines a curve of a complex configuration, which is used for the various purposes.

More info you can find at  http://www.imagesgenerator.com/components/edgedetection/areaselect.htm

To obtain full version of program "Image area selection" or full version of component "Imageareaselection" refer to program developer firm Panasoft:

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