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What is Images Generator.

Images Generator is general-purpose program that combines properties of power graphic editors and properties of program of automatic designing. It can be used for design of electrical circuits, engineering diagrams, network diagrams, building plans, workflows, fashion designs, science illustration and many others. The feature of the program is innovative functions for creation images. Images Generator allows to create both raster and vector images. 
The scope of the program covers the majority of directions of use graphic editors. One of the basic directions is creation of Web sites. The given program allows creating both simple web pages and powerful professionally executed Web sites. The program allows to select parts of the image with the help of a plenty of methods and to create from these parts collages. The unique method of transformation of raster can be used for processing photos and creation of photo portraits. With the help of the program you can to obtain three-dimensional images for modeling devices. The program can be used for design of a printed production, for creation of pictures of fabrics in the textile industry, for execution of technical diagrams and circuits, for creation of products of needlework, emblems, ornaments, trademarks, labels and other purposes.

Distinctive features

Gradient fill is carried out with allowance for image area borders. Lines which configuration is determined by image area borders are used for this. Examples

The program gives an opportunity to carry out lines of variable width. The width of lines can change on complex functional dependences. Examples.  Lines of variable width are used in tool  Art Lines

3D graphic. Various methods allow creating 3D images using familiar 2D graphic tools.  Examples

    Brushes. Graphic tools Brushes of two types Vector brushes and Raster brushes are used. These tools differ by type of used images. Vector brush tip is vector image, Raster brush tip is raster image. Vector image consists of multicolor lines. Raster and Vector brushes are used in common with trajectories that are created by the user with use of same tools that are used for obtaining vector image. In points of a trajectory vector image can change the sizes, proportions and angles of turn. The amount of image portrayals is adjusted parameter and can vary over a wide range. Examples

The unique method of transformation of raster images is used. This method can be used for processing photos and allows you to obtain high-quality realistic images. Examples.

  The program has a plenty of the built - in shapes combining of which you can to obtain unlimited amount of shapes. Examples  and  You  can to obtain open ended line of complex configuration for short time. Obtained open-ended line with the help of the mouse can be moved in required position.Examples. You can to create vector image consisting of one or some curves and to save vector image in DXF files. It provides compatibility of Images Generator with program AutoCAD and other programs of automatic designing.

  You can to carry out multi-color lines and lines, created by a sequence of raster or vector images.  Examples, 

For each line, used for painting image area, both color and a level of a transparency can be given. There are some built - in functions with which help the level of a transparency for the next line from a sequence of lines can be determined. It provides a number of unique and bright effects.  Examples.

Tooling of the Images Generator includes the convenient and effective tool for removal of spots, scratches, creases and other defects. Examples

    Plenty patterns may be used for painting image area. Examples

  Cool new effects let you to create unique images.  Examples

Images Generator can be used as images storage. Distinctive feature thus is that not only a rectangular raster of the image, but also color of transparent points of a raster is stored. It provides storage of figures that can be used for creating images by their combination. You can to store, for example, images of electric components and to obtain with their help electric circuits. Similarly using images of animals, flowers and backgrounds children pictures can be obtained. Transparent color may be coded in the same image. Example




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